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"Cashew Apple" - 40 x 30 cm

Wébert Lahens Rebert Damour, 56, born in Léogâne, does not hide behind his talent; he has the gift of creating events, stories specific to him, which he bursts on his canvases and thus surprises the curious, the collector. Damour's work regenerates expression; it is sometimes, like the others, the same subjects, a plantation of cotton or pepper, but with a treatment so neat, so expressive, that one admires his touch, that one appreciates his work. Rebert Damour resembles, at one point, the Tintin brothers, exhibited like him at the Museum of Haitian Art at Saint-Pierre College in a flagship exhibition. However, the rapprochement ends there. Damour's path has led him to impose a style of his own. He develops and cultivates. The agonies of life in the capital led him to emigrate. He lives in Canada and continues to make his way. Group or individual exhibitions. The Damour style A childhood memory gave birth to its special touch in the history of Haitian painting. "Ta Vien", a huge man, but extremely thin, thin as a nail, had fascinated him and held back his childlike sensibility. He never got rid of it. It has become his main source of inspiration. "Your Vien" looks like someone who grew up too fast. Tall, very developed - apparently, but, if you look at it, it lacks the essentials. It thus resembles a 'fatras-stick'. This model has changed and marked his art, his work, his journey. "Rich in symbols and allegories, Rebert Damour's painting, purified in the extreme, is an encounter with poetry, an invitation to daydreaming and reflection." As a Leoganese, Damour did not miss pampered subjects in his milieu. For example", "Weavesed Ribbons" (120x60 cm, 2007), "Gaguère" (90x60 cm, 2007), "Coffee Merchant," 50x40 cm, 2009, etc. Nevertheless, he took advantage of the interest of buyers to deal with other topics or create them simply for his admirers. For example: "The Ant Ball," 65x 50cm, 2013, General La Paix, 50x40 cm, 2008, "Family Walk," 71x50 cm, 2008, "Tobacco Flower," 60x50 cm, 2005, "Cashew Apple," 75x 30 cm, 2007, "Pineapple," 75x 25 cm, 2005, "Ant Show," 45x 35 cm, 2013, "Country Ball," 80x 60 cm, 2010. Rebert Damour creates his own path. His painting is simply original, meticulous, as in a Simil. It's all about how you distribute the colors, and especially the effects they produce. He is an artist that Haitian society - collectors in particular - would be better off looking at in an exhibition at Marriott or Best Western. Rebert Damour thus participates in the rebirth of Haitian art. Rebert Damour, painter of elegance...

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