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"Quinoa Fields" - 40 x 50 cm

Self-taught painter, she cultivates the Naif style.

She was born in Lima, Peru, on May 16, 1954.

She reveals her creative temperament by drawing and painting horses, which she did with passion until the age of 21 when a riding accident took her away from horses and discovered the Andean universe with all its cultural richness, on a first trip to Cuzco.

Thus this unrepentant traveller begins her journey through the cities of the Andes, in love with its landscapes and its inhabitants, capturing customs and parties in colorful paintings.

Shortly after her first trip to Cuzco, Patricia went to Tarma, in the highlands of the center, it was during this trip that the painter decided to stay in Tarma, where she lived for three years.

From Tarma she travels in the jungle where she is captivated by the exuberance of the jungle, there are few paintings of this period since the theme of the mountain predominates at this stage of her life. Later, the Amazon rainforest gained strength in its painting, after a trip to the Tambopata reserve.

In 1983, Patricia travelled to Portland, Oregon, USA, where she studied human figure, ceramics and various engraving techniques at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

It was in Portland that Patricia repeated the success of her first show by selling 90% of her first show in Oregon on the night of the opening of her first show at the Folk Craft Art Gallery.

Soon after, Patricia won a scholarship to study art at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York.

The CooperIt Foundation has three schools, art, engineering, architecture. All students receive scholarships, they enter because of their talent. Students enjoy constant support from the school in every way, the foundation enjoys an excellent reputation

The painter describes her time in New York as fascinating.

However, the nostalgia for the land is stronger and Patricia returns to Peru, in its long-awaited mountains. It is here that the painter finds the Amazonian exuberance enla Reserve de Tambopata, but it is not only the landscape that attracts him but its inhabitants and his mysticism.

Here, he makes contact with local healers, who enrich his vision of the jungle.

The Amazonian landscapes will appear long later in his paintings, legends and myths integrating into the green exuberance enriching the result.

From Tarma to today, Patricia has travelled much of the country collecting the Andean landscape on her canvases. Currently, the painter resides in Lima after living for five years in a fishing village in northern Peru, Màncora, in search of new landscapes for her paintings, thus completing her journey through Peru, the coast, the Sierra and the jungle.

On December 14, 1976, Patricia Henricy's first solo exhibition opened in what was then the best art gallery in Lima.

In less than two hours, 19 paintings were sold on the night of the inauguration, becoming the country's youngest best-selling painter, Patricia was 22 years old.

From there, everything would travel and paint for this talented and courageous painter who traveled alone in most of Peru, repeatedly in the dilapidated buses that cross the rugged geography of Peru.

Patricia remembers that when she was a child, the servants, almost always of Andean origin, told her stories of their lives in the fields, vaquitas, lambs, sowing, crops. Perhaps this is how he learned to love the Andes, the truth is that when he first traveled to the mountains, he felt that he was returning to something very dear, in a place where he had never been before... He wanted a place I didn't know.

Currently, the painter resides in Lima, Peru and continues to travel ...

The painting "Carnival Vilcao" represents one of the most interesting trips the painter has made in the interior of the country.

In 2011, with a group of friends from the Backpackers Club, Patricia walked through the wonderful landscapes of the Nor-Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve, a place where there are many snow-capped mountains, lagoons and rivers whose waters are a magical aquamarine color.

Also archaeological remains and remains of worship at the great Apu Pariacacca, a beautiful snowy mountain revered during the Incas era.

It is these landscapes, the inhabitants of the Andes and the local customs that give life to Patricia's paintings, it is a testimony to life in the Andes of Peru.

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